What is the 2nd Fleet ORG?

The 2nd Fleet ORG is a Fleet in Star Trek online free to play MMO game. We are a Fleet of mature players from Europe and North America. Our game play covers all areas of this game, from PVE content to PVP and crafting. All members are helpful and support each other in their activities.

What does the Fleet offer new members? Why should I join?

We are open to all levels of Federation players. If you are a PVP or Fleet action player check out the link to "Tactical", those who prefer Special Task Force (PVE) missions find more Information under "Engineering" and Crafters as well as Role players find details under "Science". We run weekly joined missions and also meetings where the Command Staff will update members about upcoming activities and events.

What is expected of new mebers? How do I join?

About us

We expect new members to also help others and enjoy the game while at the same time respecting the command structure where it is needed (i.e. coordinated joined Operations). Each new member will have a 30 day period where they are considered "PCS". During this time both sides have the chance to find out if joining the Fleet was the right career move or not.

To apply simply get in touch with the Commander or one of the Staff Officers. The "Join the Fleet" link below allows you to contact Vice Admiral Wolf directly or you click on the "Command" button to find other in game contacts.

Please include some of Information about yourself and your character when sending your application email.
(Character in game rank, in game core interests, time zone you live in)