Second Fleet Operations and Reconnaissance Group

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Tier 1 - Commanding Officer

The Commanding Officer is the highest ranking Officer in the 2nd Fleet ORG, only reporting to the Fleet Admiral of the 2nd Fleet and Starfleet Command.

Commanding Officer - Admiral Marcus T. Wolf (wolf@wulfman)

The Commander of the ORG is Marcus T. Wolf (wolf@wulfman) who replaced the founder of the ORG Fleet Admiral Theo Hoffmann after his promotion.
In the year 2408 Admiral Hoffmann was tasked to start a new Task Force within the second Fleet and apply new tactics. Therefore the ORG was founded as the 27th Task Force. Instead of filling the ranks with experienced Officers the Admiral decided to select Cadets and young Ensigns from Starfleet Academy. The Headquarter of the ORG is at Starbase K7 in the Eta Eridani Sector Block near the Klingon boarder

Admiral Marcus T Wolf was trained as Tactical Officer and was Captain of Escort class ships. In the ORG all Admirals are expected to lead by example and when going into battle Wolf still prefers the agility of the Escort ships over the Flagship Cruisers.

The Commanding Officer is the overall leader of the 2nd Fleet ORG and appointed to find new Ship Captains of all ranks to fill the positions of the ORG and form a formidable strike force against the Klingon Empire.