Second Fleet Operations and Reconnaissance Group

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Chain of Command

The 2nd Fleet ORG has a clearly defined command structure.
The tabel below shows all Command Tiers with a brief descirption and rank requirement.

Fleet Command Rank: Vice Admiral, Admiral The Fleet Commander is the overall leader of the 2nd Fleet ORG
Staff (Flag) Officers Rank: Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral Admirals in the 2nd Fleet in charge of specific divisions.
Task Force Commander Captain, Fleet Captain A Fleet Captain is a Senior Captain put in charge of a Team or a Task Force
Ship Captain Commander, Captain A Ship Captain is in command of a single vessel
Bridge Officer Lieutenant, Lt. Commander or Commander Senior Officers not yet permanently placed in charge of a vessle
Junior Officer Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Newly graduated from Starfleet academy and assigned to a ship
Officer Cadet Cadet still in Starfleet Training and member of Starfleet Academy

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